Pro DJ Course 2.0

32 sessions total (1 hour each session)

This course was founded by DJ KAVE in 2009 when Skratchlab was the only DJ Academy in Chennai. This course has four levels and is a complete package for someone who wants to take up DJing as a profession. Please get in touch with us for more information.

  • Basics
  • How to setup the DJ console

    How to cue and loop

    How to beat match

    How to mix

    Open format mixing


    Expert level guidance for logo, photoshoot and Press kit.

  • Intermediate
  • How to use effects

    DJ set Preparation

    Harmonic mixing

    Live Mash-ups

    MC skills and Microphone

    Body language and posture


  • Advanced
  • Word play mixing

    Trick mixing

    Tone play performance


    Case studies and research



  • Mastery
  • Nightlife business studies

    Advanced set preparation

    Sales and closing for DJ's

    Dancefloor psychology

    Social dynamics and communication

    Performance and showmanship